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THE BONEFISHING is exceptional with opportunities to cast at larger schools of bones or to smaller groups, pairs and singles. This variety is only matched by that of the Flats environment itself where anglers will experience vast and varying bottom structure from soft sand and grass flats to harder bottom white sand and marl flats. The shoreline of Grand Bahama’s north side is extremely soft and protected by miles of mangroves, in places several miles deep however hard bottom flats are accessed by boat that allows for wading.

The average size of our bonefish at 4 to 5 lbs is impressive and is an added attraction for many of our anglers who regularly catch fish in the 7-8 pound range and of course there are those anglers that also tangle with double digit bonefish that would be described as trophy fish no matter where in the world they were caught. Our club record bonefish on fly tipped the scales at 14 1/2 pounds before release ! While the size of our bones has impressed many anglers it has also been the quantity of fish that have had many anglers returning year after year.


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A huge benefit provided by h20 Bonefishing is the use of trailers which provide guides a variety of launch points based on the days weather. Not only does this allow for the best areas to be fished it also provides smoother and shorter boat rides to the fishing areas when weather becomes an issue.

Permit are available on the flats from spring through the summer months. While our fishery cannot be considered a dedicated permit fishery, many of our anglers enjoy the opportunity to cast at them while Bonefishing and the team here at h20 Bonefishing strongly suggest anglers have a permit set up rigged and ready to go at all times during this period. Tarpon are also available as an addition to the Bonefish and permit however this great game fish must be targeted and their peak season is from May to September. Barracuda are prevalent on the flats year round as are several species of sharks – bonnet head, lemon shark, black tip and reef sharks are the most common. During spring and summer mutton snappers are also available on certain flats and can be targeted by those anglers wanting to add this wary and powerful game fish to their list of accomplishments. A very unique fishery is also available here for triggerfish found tailing on certain flats. In addition to the more consistent availability of the game fish mentioned above there can also be opportunities at packs of horse eye jacks and some large jack crevalle, both of which will come from deeper water onto the flats to hunt.

H20'S team of professional fly fishing guides are true year round professionals who are on the water every month of the year. Instruction on the water during a days guiding as well as organized fly fishing instruction is made available to any of our anglers wanting to get the most from their time spent here. Also available for groups is a professionally organized and executed ‘Saltwater Fly Fishing School’ for beginners or those anglers looking for a more advanced level of instruction. Each guide fishes from our well maintained fleet of 17 foot maverick flats skiffs which are outfitted with 85 HP Yamaha outboards, VHF radios, cell phone, USCG rated safety kits, poling platform and lean post.