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H2o Bahamas Bonefish  

We couldn't wait to get back to Atlanta and tell everyone about our experience with H2O Bonefishing in Grand Bahama.  The trip was a real pleasure.  I have fished in a number of places and found the fishery to be excellent.  The bones themselves were bigger than most of the Bahamas fish I have experienced.  We took the whole family and were delighted with the H2O experience.  One day, they even arranged for a private guided tour of the island for my wife and girls as we stalked these island water hogs.  We will definitely be back.  Thank for everything guys!

Alex and Fritz Van Winkle, Atlanta, GA – February 2013

H2o Bahamas Bonefish  

I wanted to thank you for another great trip. The amount of added species i caught other than the bonefish was a very pleasant surprise. You guys made me feel like I was fishing with friends. I had an awesome time and am already day dreaming of the next trip. I have already booked my summer dates for this year with my son making it my third trip in only 11 months. See you in July for some mahi mahi and permit....... the bonefish seem a given !!

T. Haskins, UK – July 2013

H2o Bahamas Bonefish  

H2O bonefish and Grand Bahama are a great pair.  The owners, Greg and Jason, and  the guides are a class act.  All are very personable and excellent guides.  The fishing opportunities here are abundant and seem endless.  I have stalked large bones, casted to permit and tarpon. and caught a tuna on the fly.  My wife who is not an angler looks forward to this trip as there is plenty for her to do.  The hotel is nice and great food opportunities await.  This has become my salt water destination of choice.  In fact I just returned from my third trip this year.

Dr J. W., Indianapolis – April 2013

H2o Bahamas Bonefish  

I am fortunate to have fished for bonefish in Florida, Mexico, Bermuda and various islands through the Bahamas.  The only service that I have used repeatedly has been H2O Bone Fishing out of Pelican Bay.  While the location in Port Lucaya, Grand Bahamas is special and extremely (non-fishing) spouse friendly, it is H2O and the fishing that has made this my number one destination.  The location offers convenient access to an expanse of flats that afford consistent fishing and numerous shots at large fish.  The guides who have become friends over the years, know their flats and approaches and are always creating and willing to share new patterns and suggestions.   Overall, H2O is an ultimate first class full service bone fishing destination.  I am already planning and anticipating my next visit.

Allen Magrini, Oakland, New Jersey – June 2013

H2o Bahamas Bonefish  

This summer my wife and I spent our honeymoon down with H2O Bonefishing. We could not have asked for a better trip. The fishing, guides, and accommodations were fantastic. I have fished several locations in the Bahamas, and enjoyed this one the most.  It was the best flats fishing I have experienced. We enjoyed this trip so much we will be making this an annual trip.

Mike E, Indianapolis – Aug 2013

H2o Bahamas Bonefish   We look forward to booking our next trip with you! After 27 years of fishing various bonefish flats, it seems that our group has settled in with H2O Bonefishing, Grand Bahama. This spring will be our 5th or 6th trip in a row with you and our decision to book again is not without merit. The guides and the fishery make for a great time and experience. Throw in the convenience, comfort and camaraderie, and you have it all!

The ability to combine a day of offshore fishing for dolphin and tuna on fly is a great way to add to the excitement of our trip. While bonefishing is our main focus and the flats north of Grand Bahama have a lot to offer, the offshore option is a definite plus (as is your “no boundaries” experience).

We look forward to seeing you, Jason and the guys in April. First rum is on us!

Bill Voges
H2o Bahamas Bonefish   Just wanted to let you know how excited and satisfied I was on my first Bonefishing trip! My brothers told me that I would never forget this trip, and they were so right. I had the time of my life! I'm sure you can imagine how I felt on that first hook-up, I'm an avid bass fisherman and have experienced many hook-up's, but they were nothing compared to bonefishing! I never imagined that a fish could be that powerful and fast! The sound of that line stripping off my reel just puts me over the top! You have the best guides in the Bahama's, they all made me feel so comfortable, especially this being my first trip! Your equipment is in great shape, and your guides always keep everything so clean and arranged! You guy's have really spoiled me, my brothers and I will definitely be back next year! Thanks again for a wonderful fishing trip and a great time, see ya next year!!!

Jerry Malloy, Florida
H2o Bahamas Bonefish   Thanks for your hospitality during our most recent bonefishing trip with H20 Bonefishing in 2010 ! You and all the guides again provided us with a great fishing experience as well as enjoyable after-fishing discussions over mojitos. The accommodations were again excellent! No wonder we've booked with you three years running. I look forward to seeing you guys again for year four!

Charles Bacon, GA – Nov 2010
H2o Bahamas Bonefish   After attending the Bonefish Pro-Am in October 2010, I wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for a great week of fishing. Your guides, accommodations was only topped by a fantastic week of bonefishing. This was my second trip to Grand Bahama and fishing with H2O Bonefishing and I'm presently planning my next trip for 2011. Give my regards to Kevin and Ish and let them know I'll see them soon. Thanks again.

D.R. Jackson, WY, USA
H2o Bahamas Bonefish   From the very first moment of the very first day the guides at H2O Bonefishing took pity on my wayward frozen soul and immediately got me on bonefish. For the remainder of the trip we had great weather and great fishing. Even had some shots at some permit. No hookups but that was more my fault than anyone else’s. For the duration of that my first trip to the H2O guides helped me in every facet of my angling; casting, presentation, line control and in catching and releasing. They even forgave me occasionally reverting back to trout sets - though that bad habit almost cost me my rod in the end. The guides were all terrific. It was a 6 day clinic filled with great flats fishing, laughter, friendly guides, safe and reliable boats and plenty of fish. Big bones on the miles and miles of flats were ready for us every day and willingly went to the fly. At night I retired to the resort and wandered over to square that offered terrific local cuisine and where drinks were to be found and thoroughly enjoyed. As my week drew to a close I made arrangements with Greg and jason to return the following year. I would wholeheartedly recommend H2O Bonefishing for any level of angler. Also to note this is a great place to bring a non-fishing companion. Indeed I am very much looking forward to my next trip.

Robin, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
H2o Bahamas Bonefish   Being an avid trout fly fisherman, I have heard a lot about Bonefishing and have always wanted to experience it. In October 2010 I had the opportunity to experience it and I wisely chose H2O Bonefishing in the Grand Bahamas. I have watch numerous videos of Bonefishing but still really didn't know what to expect. My first day on the water was made very comfortable by the very knowledgable and patient guide. That first day I caught my first bonefish and quickly experience what they refer to as being "the tug is the drug.". My girlfriend was on the boat with us the first day. She does not fish but it seemed she enjoyed it as much as I. On that first day we observed two Permit trailing a sting ray and it was explained to me why the Permit was the "holy Grail of fly fishing". I panicked and missed the opportunity of joining that club. My second day on the water gave me the opportunity again and I caught my first Permit. I thought this would be a do it once experience and I would be satisfied. So far from the truth. I am planning my second trip already for February 2011. Being an ex-SWAT officer I thought I understood the feeling of a rush but the awesome guys at H2O Bonefishing have shown me another one that I am now hooked on.

Chris, Montana, USA – Jan 2011
H2o Bahamas Bonefish   Hi Guys – Well, that makes it 6 years in a row and it just seems to get better with each visit. Considering I had such an incredible time on the first then that is saying something. I just wanted to thank you again for another great visit. Your hospitality is only matched by the incredible fishing. Even in this year’s bad weather I was into fish everyday and that last day was just spectacular when the wind dropped and the sun came out. I wish it could have been a longer stay this year but I plan on a full week in 2011. Please say hi to the guides for me and tell Jason I will be ready next year for that monster permit – I promise !! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2011. See you in the summer - Alfie Means, Georgia.

Alfie Means, Georgia.
H2o Bahamas Bonefish   We had a fabulous time in the Bahamas and you and your guides looked after us so well. The boys had the time of their lives and could not have been happier. I, too, had a fantastic holiday and we all really enjoyed spending time with the two of you. It is almost like ‘going home’ now after 6 consecutive years and we really had the best holiday ever. Thanks for giving the guys all that extra fishing - it was so generous of you and so much appreciated. It was all such fun and the most perfect birthday present for Paddy.

The Bangham family, UK – Dec 2010
H2o Bahamas Bonefish   Thanks for some great fishing and great memories. We've fished from Belize to Andros and H2O is the outfitter we've always come back to. Lots of hype out there which makes you feel like you're missing something. We've learned the hard way! Been there -Done that- got the T shirts to prove it. We're coming back to Grand Bahama and H20 bonefishing in 2011. Viva la Captain's Meetings!

Chuck Stipanovich